Welcome to plasmapedal.com!

The pedal you are seeing is an actual PLASMA Pedal prototype that is hooked up to some next level robot shit in our Gamechanger Audio Headquarters / Garage in Riga, Latvia.

Viewers from all over the world are uploading audio tracks onto plasmapedal.com and these tracks get played through the PLASMA Pedal prototype in real-time, on a first come - first serve basis.

For extra points - we’ve connected five remote-controlled electric motors to the PLASMA Pedal’s knobs, that way allowing each new user to dial in their desired settings.

The whole process is being constantly filmed with a webcam and broadcast via a YouTube live-stream, so anyone can tune in and experience True High-Voltage Rock’n’Roll in action!

We created this project to celebrate and support the launch of our PLASMA Pedal crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo

Plasmapedal.com is free for everyone and we really hope you’ll have as much fun playing around with PLASMA Pedal as we’ve had setting this whole thing up!

In return - we’d like to ask you to follow a few simple RULES:

  1. Please refrain from uploading any copyrighted material, such as mp3s of Justin Bieber songs - this platform is built for musicians to test out samples of real instruments.
  2. Whenever there are more than 3 audio samples in the queue - the playback length of all tracks will be limited to 90 seconds
  3. Each individual user can only take up 3 slots in the queue at any given time.
  4. Each new user will be asked to log in with their Facebook account when uploading their first audio sample.
  5. To upload more than one sample, all users will be asked to like our Gamechanger Audio facebook page.
  6. All audio tracks played through the PLASMA Pedal will be saved as unlisted videos on our GamechangerAudio YouTube channel. The links to these unlisted videos will be sent to the uploader’s email address.




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